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Fun With Drama Volume 5


Love their fun! Feel their pain!

Here are three new plays about the stories of the Métis in and around Batoche, Saskatchewan. They come from researching family history and listening to the stories of the Métis, hearing their music (The Red River Jig), tasting their food, wearing the Métis sash and trying to learn Mitchif. There may well be more plays in this series as I learn and listen!

Dear Diary!

Meet Louis Riel through the eyes of his fiancée, Marie Julie Guernon. Hold your breath as her parents find out he is Métis. Shed a tear as Louis is banned from marrying the girl he loves and flees to the United States. Listen as Marie-Julie finally marries Jean… but keeps her eye on the newspapers for news of Louis. She hears about his Provisional Government in Manitoba and his flight for his life to the US. Feel her pain as she hears about his trial in Regina and the terrible verdict: hanging for treason!

Métis on the Move

Walk in the footsteps of Joseph and his wife as they have high hopes of new respect and land rights in the new Canadian Province of Manitoba in 1870.  They realize that promises are broken, respect is elusive. So they decide to pack up and move to the Saskatchewan! Follow them as they cross the prairie to Batoche and on to Fish Creek where new drama breaks out!

After the Battle of Batoche

Play out the Battle of Fish Creek and the terrible Battle of Batoche and feel the pain of the Métis who fled, who were captured and put in prison. Suffer the trial of Louis Riel and his hanging for treason. See it all through the eyes of Madame Tourond…

Spiral bound, 42 pages. Includes suggestions for cross-curricular learning opportunities. Cost is $20. Order by mail or purchase a downloadable PDF file here: